Youth exchange in Danmark!


Haluatko SINÄ osallistua kansainväliseen nuorisovaihtoon Tanskassa vuonna 2021?
Meidät on kutsuttu Tanskan Svenborgiin, jonne etsimme nyt neljää (4) nuorta iältään 14-18 vuotta. Alustava ajankohta on kesäkuussa 2021.
Nuorisovaihdon teemana on “into the wild”. Lisätietoa aiheesta on alempana (englanniksi).
Jos kiinnostuit ja haluat tavata nuoria muista maista ja saada unohtumattomia kokemuksia, älä epäröi laittaa hakemusta tulemaan!

Vaihto rahoitetaan lähes kokonaisuudessaan EU:n projektirahoilla. Osallistujamaksu max. 50€ saattaa tulla.

Viimeinen hakupäivä on la 30.10 ja sen jälkeen valitaan mukaan 4 osallistujaa.
Kysymyksiä saa esittää nuoriso-ohjaajille tai kautta (kysy meiltä-osio).

Hae mukaan tästä!


Several European and American studies show, that the time children and youth spend in nature, has decreased radically over a ten year period. This being now as little as 4-7 minutes daily unstructured play outdoors, while their time in front of a screen indoor is up to 7 hours a day. At the same time teenagers experience rising stress symptoms, fear of achievement, fear of missing out on social media, fear of fitting in. This can leads to loneliness and poor self-esteem.

Here are some reasons why we will spend a week of learning “In the Wild”:
Nature is a perfect setting for non-formal learning.
Nature is a place to recover, find balance and serenity.
Nature is an efficient pedagogic tool to focus on group dynamics, relations, well-being, courage, reflection, curiosity, tenacity, stamina.
Nature teaches you to master certain skills. (Amygdala has proven to relax while hand-crafting).
Outdoor activities can help prevent stress symptoms related to fear of achievement and performance – something largely seen among teenagers.
Nature works against meaninglessness and loneliness – it works for self-esteem and sense of belonging.
Nature makes it obvious to focus on environment: UN goals of sustainable development: reuse, reduce and recycle.

PROGRAM (can change):

Catch fish with rods//boat/net, gather shrimp and mussels in shallow water, peel and skin it and use a smoke oven + open fire (with guide)
Find your way: compass exercise in Egebjerg bakker, beautiful surroundings, puzzles and games to be solved along the way
Kayak/canoe sailing in very shallow water (fenced sea pool at Thurø bund) (with guide)
Climb a tree with harness (with guide), and a mountain bike ride through a nature trail
Gather natural herbs and cook using an earth oven (with guide)
Silence walks – bonfire skills – bird song memory –
Build a simple accessory (spoon, stool, bow)
Plucking and cooking game fowl (with guide)
Fun in the woods Games, exercises, energizers, sports


The whole exchange will be characterized by team spirit, challenge and fun. Aims are that our participants through non-formal learning will cooperate, reflect, find balance and a sense of belonging. To treat nature well, experience to live simple and to get new European friends in a meaningful setup.